Stackal is network that builds on relationships with other networks - "networks networked" is what Stackal claims to be. The site combines all contact methods into one place for your customers, friends, or family.

What We're About

Stackal is nothing more than networking networks. With all sorts of applications to communicate, is there ever a way to bring all those ways together on one page? We the people at Stackal believes networking connections is more than communication but interaction. That is how Stackal started.

An Information Network

Where does most information come from? The internet has portrayed a very big semblance of what laziness is. Well we would love to make you even more indolent. That's when Stackal comes in. Stackal is a social networking site and an informational network. B to C and C to C is what Stackal services to consumers and businesses.

Reputation & Vouch System

Since day one, Stackal has had a reputation/vouch system in which users are able give reputation to each other for sales/transactions or for friendship. Inorder to use the reputation/vouch system, you will need reputation credits. You must purchase reputation credits before you can give others reputation / vouches. This will protect the community with reputation abusers.

Our Goal

Our goal is to bring the best of the best from business perspectives and social networking perspectives. Our slogan, "Networks-Networked", explains the perfect picture of Stackal. Networks should be networked together so that consumers and businesses would be able to find their contact information in one given place.

Other Info

If you have any questions or comments that were not answered or explained above, please let us know by sending us an email at