Privacy Policy:

Stackal is a platform to share and distribute personal or business information to others around the world. This information can and will be shown to the public which includes friends, family, employers, strangers and others. When you enter your private information into our database, such as your password, your information is kept in a secure environment in which no one will be able to access your data, not even employees at Stackal. Our goal is to provide a safe and friendly information and data sharing network that will bring people you know and others together.

1. Security

What information do we collect? Cookies. Like all the other sites on the World Wide Web, your information will be collected. This process is to ensure the safety of the user and of Stackal and also improve our services in any way possible. Also, any and all information that you submit into our database will be collected. Your public information is shown to the world in seconds right after your submit and save it. Information that will be shown to others around the world is what we call public information. Public information is your data stored in our database such as your username, name, email, social networking profiles, and etc. The information you put on your profile is your responsibility, not Stackal.

2. Responsibilities

There are many responsibilities that Stackal is accountable of. We will never sell, auction, give/release, or publish your information to other websites, companies, and/or people.

There are many things we are not accountable/responsible of. Those include all deals (sales, auctions, giveaways, and/or contests) made on Stackal, complaints, stolen information, lost or damaged kinds of anything (such as your reputation), connections/contacts, or any privacy on other websites. All information you save and submit into your profile with Stackal is under full responsibility of yourself or the owner of the account. We currently are implementing privacy features. At this time, you are responsible for everything you post or give to or on Stackal. We accept no responsibility for anything in our system or code that may release your information.

Although we are not responsible for any of those listed, we will do our best to help. But once we feel like it's out of our reach, we will stop the process and let you know. Visit for more information.

3. Deleting and Undeleting Your Account and Profile

As we have promised, users are now able to delete their accounts. When you delete your account, you "suspend" your account. Your account will still be on Stackal as usual but your account will NOT be shown on most pages to the public. Your account will be marked as inactive and will be removed from the public. When your account is in delete/"suspended" status, you will still be able to access and edit your account/profile. However, you will be able to reactivate your account at any time by undeleting your account the same place where you deleted your account, the settings page. Once you undelete/"unsuspend" your account, your account will be back to normal standing and will be available to the public. As always, we do not take any liability or responsibility when deleting your account. Deleting your account is at your own risk and your own responsibility. However, we will try our best to ensure safety and security with your account either deleted or undeleted. By deleting or undeleting your account, you indicate that you have read, understand, and agree to these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

4. Refunds

Unfortunately, Stackal does not give or allow refunds at this time. All Stackal credits bought are classified as digital or electronic goods which does not accept returns on purchases. All purchases are made on behalf of you and your own account.

5. Changes to our privacy policy

As time comes and Stackal expands into the online world of wonders and mysteries, the privacy policy will change. As it does, we may or may not notify you. From there on, it is your responsibility to read and agree to it. You must agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service/Use before using Stackal. By using Stackal, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service/Use.

Last revised: January 1, 2016.